“Effortless camping” is a seldom heard phrase, but Michael D’Agostino thought it possible. His company, Tentrr, provides outfitted campsites and an online marketplace for landowners to earn extra money by opening their gates to a growing network of campers.

D’Agostino and his wife Eloise were unable to find an available campsite during a busy weekend last summer, so they settled on a pricier vacation rental instead. They were awestruck by the landscape, but frustrated to see so many fences plastered with “No Trespassing” signs. If only there was a way, he thought, to connect hospitable local landowners with nature-starved urbanites, so that everyone could benefit by sharing the land. Just like that, Tentrr was born.

TentrrFoundersThis year, D’Agostino began helping friends and local farmers in Upstate New York develop their private land into outfitted campsites. Tentrr provides its “CampKeepers” with the essentials that guests will need to enjoy the outdoors, including a leveled wooden platform, toilet and Tentrr Campbox: a sleek, wooden dry-storage container, table and food preparation station that comes packed with a luxury tent and other useful equipment. Tentrr also hires local Camp Guides to help with site setup, maintenance and camper entertainment.

With campsites in locations that have never before been accessible, Tentrr opens up a world of terrain – and makes it easier for everyone to enjoy it.

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