Jodie Patterson is a beauty explorer. She is the founder of Doobop, a company that curates beauty trends and products from all over the world to help women express their unique identities. In her tricked-out cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains, she’s got a pond for summer swimming, a massive lawn for soccer camp, plus an indoor pool, basketball court and gym for winter and night-time fun.

What’s your favorite local beauty product?

I love Heirloom Botanicals’ lime lip balm at the Callicoon Farmers Market.

What shop do you frequent the most?

Callicoon Wine Merchant. (I love Robin even more than the wine and cheese!)

And your favorite summer pastime here?

Tubing down the Delaware River with my family.

Where do you go for entertainment upstate?

Family movie night at the Callicoon Movie Theater.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

I love the lemongrass pork on rice noodles at Ba & Me.

Give us 3 words that capture the Upper Delaware Valley.

Off-Grid. Free-Range. Local.