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Hotel FauchereThe Hotel Fauchère has a long history of chefs bringing their best to Milford, PA. Swiss-born, French-trained Louis Fauchère was the first, arriving in Pike County in the mid 19th century. He was a master chef at Delmonico’s, New York’s first fine dining restaurant, and when he opened his summer hotel in Milford in 1852, he brought that elegant clientele with him. In the years that followed, many notables, including Charlie Chaplin, Sarah Bernhardt and a President or two journeyed to Milford, making the Hotel Fauchère an exemplar of destination dining long before the term was coined.

Hotel FauchereNow Chef Scott Myers is pulling in diners from around the corner and way down the road. Trained at the New England Culinary Institute and fresh from stints in Virginia at L’Auberge Provencale and the Inn at Willow Grove, Myers takes an approach to food and the experience of dining that respects traditional culinary foundations but rejects the binds of formality. “Diners are much more knowledgeable these days. They know good food and know you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to get it. Part of having a great meal is having a great time.”

Just as fast as Myers is lining up providers, ingredients are appearing on the plate, like sous-vide guinea hen with chanterelles. His menu hits the sweet spot of special but not lavish in the Delmonico Room and comforting but not dim in Hotel Fauchère’s casual, bistro-style Bar Louis. Ingredients are emerging from farm, stream, and forest as Myers taps the local bounty. And soon enough, the eggs at breakfast may be coming from his very own chickens once they settle in, having relocated with him.

Hotel Fauchère
401 Broad St, Milford, PA 18337
(570) 409-1212