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It’s safe to say that when Nancy Fredericks, a fashion consultant, and her husband, Chuck, an advertising executive, bought a second home in Forestburgh in 1984, the Catskills real estate market was pretty lackluster. Attracted to the slower pace of life and mesmerized by nature, Nancy decided to start her own business and make a life up here permanently. Thus began her successful foray into real estate with her homegrown business, Catskill Castles, a full-service boutique real estate agency.

Nancy-Fredericks-Catskill-CastlesOver the past five years, the market has grown at such a rapid rate that Nancy is working above and beyond just to keep up with the day-to-day buyer and seller demands amongst a surge of interest in living the Catskills lifestyle.

It’s Nancy’s trustworthy demeanor, deep knowledge of the area and savvy business outlook that attracts her high-end clientele. According to the real estate agent, her buyers range from fashion and finance professionals to artists and entrepreneurs all seeking a woodsy respite from the chaotic bustle of the city.

“People appreciate that they can come in their old clothes and be nobody. Clients come up restless, attached to their phones, and then I can literally feel it when they begin to change. They look around and start breathing,” said Nancy.

Her clients have become not just customers, but friends, which has resulted in making Catskill Castles a largely referral-based business. Whether inviting clients to the farmer’s market or to watch an evening sunset on her dock, Nancy simply wants to make her customers happy—and it’s her down-to-earth aura that makes people want to stick around.

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