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When Michele “Mick” Frigoletto was a young girl, it was very uncommon for a woman to ever enter a barbershop. Today, Mick is the sole proprietor of a fourth generation, four-chair barbershop specializing in modern barbering techniques amidst a hip and pleasantly antiquated atmosphere in Honesdale, PA.

When asked what’s been most challenging for Mick and her co-workers—known endearingly as “Mick’s Chicks”—the answer is simply earning respect as a team of courageous, talented women in a male-dominated profession.

“At first, the attitude was very challenging. ‘A WOMAN?? In the barbershop? I’d never have a woman cut my hair!’ Now I laugh,” said Mick. “We have five very talented, professional woman barbers who give one stellar haircut after another all day long.” From hot towel shaves with a straight razor, to top-of-the-line exfoliating remedies and spa facials, Mick’s Barber Shop has a little something for everyone. Like her grandfather’s father before her, Mick and her team ascertain that each customer receives the full treatment, concluding each haircut with hot lather and a straight razor finish.

Matt and Lola go to stokes! April 2014Just a moment in Mick’s and one feels like they’ve been transported to a time that time forgot. The epitome of small town Americana, Mick’s Barber Shop has a clear anchoring in the past, elevated by its crew of savvy-minded professionals dedicated to maintaining an everyday, “feel good” vibe. With it’s modern barbering techniques and old school aura, Mick’s isn’t just another barbershop trying to be cool— it is the literal definition of cool.

Mick’s Barber Shop is open for a clean cut all year round, except Sunday and Monday, when Mick and her team look forward to relishing in all that the area has to offer—especially Honesdale in the winter, which is illuminated by Christmas lights and holiday markets.  As for future plans, Mick prefers to take it day-by-day. As her father advised, “you’re only as good as your last haircut.”

511 Main Street
Honesdale, PA, 18431
(570) 253-2910