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Equestrians won’t find a more idyllic setting to ride off into the country sunset than at Rolling Stone Ranch. Lowell and Randi Feldman came across their magnificent property in 2005 while looking for a small parcel to breed miniature horses—but selecting the Catskills as their stomping ground was no mistake. As teenagers, the Feldmans spent their time summering in bungalows and camps in the Catskills. Their first family horse and beloved pet, Sundance, was an Appaloosa they kept in Roscoe. “Once the Catskill Mountain air gets into your blood, the memories never leave. Finding this property in Bethel was like coming home again,” Lowell said.

At Rolling Stone Ranch, every animal—be it a pony, rabbit, or rooster—is treated like family. And of course, so are their customers. Lowell elaborated, “Our clients are made up of local residents, vacationers, weekenders and travelers passing through. We think of ourselves as down home and easy. It’s about having fun and learning about horses as you learn to ride.” The family-owned equestrian center provides riding lessons, trail rides, pony rides, boarding and parties for all animal lovers. The Ranch’s instructors and trail guides are top of the line, known for their ability to make the riding experience especially gratifying, educational and safe.

Besides being a choice summer destination, Rolling Stone Ranch is open year round and offers a partnership program with the Boy’s and Girl Scouts, which cater to scouts from all over the Tri-State area. Young, old, experienced and complete novices are welcome with open arms at the ranch—one of its greatest charms. And when the lessons or trail rides are over, riders are encouraged to bask on the property and visit their famous miniature horses. At the end of the day, there is no greater joy for the Feldmans than to cultivate young equestrians, who as adults still come back with their own families to enjoy the rolling hills and unforgettable rides.

282 W. Shore Road
Bethel, NY 12720
(845) 583-1100