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On a 38-acre farm in the midst of the Catskill Mountains, sixty woolly, long-limbed Huacaya alpacas graze at Buck Brook Alpacas following the birth of a tiny alpaca named Maisy. The family-owned farm has had quite a busy summer welcoming 12 new crias in the span of two weeks. Surrounded by a perimeter of four barns on a bucolic plot of land in Roscoe, NY, owners, Kara and Justin McElroy lead the alpacas into an open pen where the animals calmly interact, seemingly sunning in the country light; some rest while others playfully nestle.

150825_Buck_Brook_4399The farm specializes in fiber production and is known for its award-winning herd sires, which range in hues of black, brown, grey and white. What sets Buck Brook Alpacas apart from the rest is its unique and environmentally friendly approach. Their alpacas are fed a primarily organic diet and shorn once a year every May. This fiber is then spun and produced locally to make beautiful alpaca products that range from soft classic scarves and mittens to luxurious throws and blankets. Buck Brook’s careful and humane process helps keep the farm running smoothly and their alpacas happy.

150825_Buck_Brook_4781Lighter than wool and more affordable than cashmere, Buck Brook Alpacas products are a big draw for many seeking locally, handmade goods in the state of New York. The fur is hypoallergenic, water resistant and extremely lightweight, making alpaca threads even more coveted. Buck Brooks Alpacas items are sold on-premises at the Buck Brooks Farm Store and online, as well as at various merchants throughout the county.

In addition to fiber production, Buck Brook Alpacas promotes agriculture within the region by educating clientele on the benefits of farming. Visitors, whether interested in acquiring their own alpaca or paying a visit to the store, are encouraged to ask questions about the animals, farming in general and the reality of tapping into the expanding alpaca industry in upstate New York.

99 Bestenheider Road, Roscoe, NY 12776
(845) 807-3104