DV8 MagazineTo stumble into The Mildred Complex(ity), a small storefront on Main Street in Narrowsburg, NY, is to discover a place that defies easy categorization. You might find an event in progress, or see an artist’s show, or purchase something crafted by hand. Defined as a project space, studio, office, laboratory and experimental retail storefront, it is foremost the public face of Mildred’s Lane, an artists’ work/live/research environment situated on a rustic, 96-acre site just across the bridge in Pennsylvania.

Mildred’s Lane is an ongoing collaboration between J. Morgan Puett, Mark Dion, their son Grey Rabbit Puett and an ever-evolving cast of internationally renowned artists, curators, writers, students and intellectuals from all walks of life. They are all involved in an ongoing exploration of historic and future methods of living, environmental activism and critical artistic practices. The Mildred Complex(ity) is an opportunity for them to emerge from the woods and have a presence “in town,” where they can engage with the social and environmental politics of Main Street, USA. Artists and scholars in residence at Mildred’s Lane express their work variously in storefront installations, performances, music, meals, workshops, handmade wares and more—all of it in collaboration with the local community.DV8 MagazineAn exhibition entitled “The Labor Portraits of Mildred’s Lane” will be on view at the Complex(ity) through the end of May. The joint work of J. Morgan Puett, Rebecca Purcell and Jeffrey Jenkins, it features a series of photographic portraits that reflect the various labor practices—referred to as “workstyles”—employed at Mildred’s Lane. Each one depicts a specific practice (creatively entitled Digestion Choreographer, Fire Master, Land Steward, etc.) along with materials indigenous to Mildred’s Lane, specially created garments and props that underscore the particular “workstyle.”

37 Main Street South, Narrowsburg, NY 12764
(845) 252-3554