150505_Basin_Main_Capture_0089A bit of mystery and intrigue surround Basin and Main, located in the original Sullum’s building, a mid-1800s brick structure on Main Street in Honesdale, PA. This multifunctional, transforming space is a full-service venue for private events and has housed everything from pop-up shops, featuring local and New York City-based artisans, to art exhibits and live performances. The supper club @lot21 is also held here; past dinners have featured feasts from local catering company Early Bird Cookery.

Owner Samuelle Green, a freelance artist and designer, is originally from the area but has been living in Brooklyn for the past 17 years. Her work includes special projects for museums, window displays, event design and commissioned paintings for retail and residential homes. The idea for Basin and Main developed out of a desire to expand her studio and pursue her own art, design and event concepts. Green also saw a need in the community for a place where people could gather around food, music and art. She is inspired by the emerging scene of artists and creative types who believe in the area and are interested in developing collaborative projects.

Raised in rural Pennsylvania on her great-grandparents’ dairy farm, Green developed a deep appreciation for the beauty in nature. As part of a family of craftsmen and artisans, her childhood recreation always included making, building and painting. At Basin and Main, she is able to continue playing to her heart’s content.DV8 Magazine

564 Main St., Honesdale PA 18431
(917) 703-2739