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When Claire Marin purchased her weekend retreat in the Catskills, she became completely captivated by the region’s unspoiled nature, and even more so by its lively honeybee community. Fascinated by bees and the art of beekeeping, she realized the potential in her own backyard for producing honey products and after eight years, quit her job in publishing to start her own line of fine foods, modeling the blueprint of natural purveyors found throughout Vermont and the Hudson Valley. By 2010, she founded Catskills Provisions, a company that has quickly grown into one of the finest foods distributors in the Northeast.

Catskill-Provisions-2Determined to make high quality raw, wildflower honey with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, Claire set out to be one of the best in the industry. “If someone is already doing something well, then we don’t make that product,” she explained. What began as a one-honey operation now offers a variety of seasonal honeys, including options like the fall honey: a rich and dark honey harvested mid-autumn when bees are known to feast on goldenrod, bamboo, asters and sunflower blossoms. All of Catskill Provisions honeys are locally sourced and never heated to maintain the natural antioxidants and amino acids that large-scale honey producers often sacrifice.

maple-syrup-and-pancake-mix-250x250For Claire, success has been a domino effect. Shortly after garnering a loyal following for Provisions honey, she noticed the opportunity for producing syrup from the region’s maple trees, leading to the creation of Catskill Provisions NY State Grade A Maple Syrup. Like any hungry sentient being, she went to the cupboard to make some pancakes and it clicked: there were no quality, organic flour producers in the area— another hole in the market that welcomed Provisions to unveil a line of organic pancake and waffle mix. And with the bees as her oyster and a blossoming reputation, Claire partnered with a local distilling company to roll out New York Honey Whiskey, a handcrafted rye infused with late summer honey straight from the combs.

cassanova-gift-set-250x250There is no doubt that Claire Marin is as taken with honeybees as she is with producing first-rate products for like-minded and health-conscious customers. Her thriving company, Catskill Provisions, is sought after by food lovers and chefs alike, and can be found on the shelves of gourmet food and home décor retailers like Dean & Deluca, Union Markets and ABC Kitchen.

Catskill Provisions
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