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It’s rare to stumble upon a familial restaurant in Sullivan County where you can access fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, fresh wraps and paninis. Whether you’re on the go or looking to set up shop and relax with a pastry and a coffee, the husband and wife team at Floyd & BoBo’s Bakery & Snack Palace in Liberty, NY have breakfast and lunch down to a science.

In the same vein as most New York City expats who move up to the Catskills, Ellen and Louis were weekenders coming upstate for the R&R and became vastly inspired by Sullivan County’s potential. Louis explained, “We were coming up on the weekends to decompress from the hustle and bustle of the city and came to Liberty and noticed that it was really quant; almost like the town had frozen in time.” The couple—who both previously worked in film and TV production—always had an interest in the food industry; Louie is an excellent cook and Ellen worked in the food industry peripherally for most of her adult life. Ellen elaborated, “Louis had the vision and skills to build something really special in a town that didn’t offer much when it comes to food and coffee. We felt we just had to open something here on Main Street.”

What’s been so special to Floyd & BoBo’s team is the warm welcome they’ve received from Sullivan County residents since opening up their shop eight years ago. Customers are truly grateful for their contribution to the county, and you can tell by the smiling faces that walk into the restaurant, as well as the barrels of praise they receive for establishing such a transparent and accessible local business.

Floyd & BoBo’s sole focus is to continue building a sustainable café style restaurant that offers the fresh food options taken for granted in the city in the midst of crisp air and the picturesque landscape of the mountains. At Floyd & BoBo’s, you can immediately feel that the owners not only love what they do, but love creating a service that is useful to the county. They consider most of their customers “friends” who keep coming back to the café for Louis’ countless family recipes and of course—habit-forming baked goods.

Ellen and Louis are always trying new ideas for their menu and changing up the aesthetics outdoors and indoors. They recently added sculptures by local artists and source local landscapers for the beautiful plants and flowers every spring outside their storefront. Louie and Ellen both feel lucky to have set down their roots in Sullivan County and are most excited to take long rides and check out all the markets and outdoor activities that the area provides come fall. “For us, fall is pretty much Nirvana after a long, busy week at the shop.” And the sweetest news to local ears: Floyd & BoBo’s are open for business all year round.

98 North Main Street
Liberty, NY 12754
(845) 292-6200