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In 2009, Callicoon native Kristal Whitmore stumbled upon a gem in the rough: a defunct, old school bowling alley that required some tender loving care. Whitmore explained, “It was driving me crazy, just watching it sit there.” Unwilling to let the bowling alley waste away, Kristal took ownership and recruited mechanics to get those vintage pinsetters up and running again.

Fast forward to present time, Kristal Bowl is now considered by locals as the best spot for beer, barbeque and bowling. Situated inside a retro 1940s-era bowling alley, Kristal Bowl keeps its vibe down-home and delicious with a menu offering items such as smoked chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches, and yes, their signature barbeque ribs.

Show up to Kristal’s ready to grub, bowl and dance to tunes from the electric juke box. Stop by for league night to scope the scene, and prepare to rub elbows with the best kingpins in the county. As far as its food quality, the giant black smoker in the parking lot guarantees that meats are smoked on the premises. For some pre-game fun, fear not, there is a bar ready to serve a few rounds of pitchers.

Locals will be happy to know that Kristal’s comfort food is now available for event catering, so if an opportunity presents itself for a whole roasted pig feast, call Kristal. She’s also known for baking the best cakes in the county. The alley is open for bowling and barbeque every day except Wednesday and seven days a week beginning in the fall. On Saturdays, order some ribs with a side of cosmic bowling – and without question, strobe lights.

9202 Route NY-97
Callicoon, NY 12723
(845) 887-6887