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Discreetly tucked away in the woods of Pennsylvania is the 96-acre artist project and wonder-landscape known as Mildred’s Lane. This unusual residency centers its social engagement around the everyday and the domestic environment, reimagining every aspect through daily living, work and research. An ever-changing world of creative practitioners, visiting artists and fellows from institutional partners convenes every year to explore topical issues, primarily in the world of contemporary art.

Photo Courtesy: DVEIGHT

Moving beyond its wooded site, Mildred’s Lane has crossed the Delaware River and emerged onto Main Street USA in nearby Narrowsburg, NY. After an extended series of think-tanks on the future of contemporary art, the Mildred Complex(ity) was established in an off-site storefront. This studio and project space houses broader community discourse and social experimentation. Here, the diverse cultural practitioners of Mildred’s Lane present new ways to integrate their ideas within the local community. Shifting beyond exclusionary critiques, illusions and prejudices, the Mildred Complex(ity) intentionally navigates the complex relationship between city and country, breaking myths and creating shared experiences.

These Town Projects are held throughout the season on Friday afternoons and evenings. Installations, performances, workshops and lectures encourage greater civic involvement and environmental activism relevant to the local geography. There is an open invitation to “Drop by with your curiosity intact.”


Photo Courtesy: Mildred’s Lane

Now through October 2, 2016, there will be a free exhibition by Bartow + Collaborator. This exhibition represents and redistributes objects that have been acquired, utilized and left on the curb as a public offering of FREE. Tires, plates, books, toys, televisions and more are included in this collection of cultural ephemera. The phenomenon of FREE imagines a new home for the used and unwanted without guilt of our excess but with a mindful utility for the salvageable. The objects on display for this exhibition are free for the taking. It is B+C’s hope that this collection will leave (literally) with the visitors who view them. Special contributor Scott Constable, a California-based artist, designer and educator has donated a portion of his FREE signs to this exhibit, which will accompany B+C’s collection. This mingling of FREE East and FREE West is a provisional bracket for the typography of FREE in the United States.

37B Main Street
Narrowsburg, NY 12764
(570) 729-0129

All gallery images courtesy of Mildred’s Lane.